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El Gordo: Christmas Lottery on December 22nd 2017

On December 22, the world is looking to Spain
Family, friends and even entire villages are eagerly awaiting the annual draw of the Christmas lottery in Spain. Meanwhile, the billions of Spanish Christmas lottery are hunted online in Europe and around the world.

The determination of the winning numbers will be televised live on December 22nd. The highlight is the announcement of the winning numbers of the main prize, the so-called "El Gordo" ("The Fat One"). The highly endowed prize can be drawn at any time within the several-hour television program.

El Gordo online brings worldwide enthusiasm
Total profits of more than € 2.3 billion and the extremely high chance of winning over 15% per tip make the Spanish Christmas Lottery the largest lottery in the world. In Spain alone, over 90% of all inhabitants are reluctant to pay millions every year. Be there and secure your Christmas lottery ticket this year for the collective lottery of the Christmas lottery.

Billions in profits and best chances of winning
Every sixth lot wins! This enticing high chance of winning as well as the generous profits of up to four million euros per ticket justify the meanwhile worldwide phenomenon around the Spanish Christmas lottery.

Even matching your own ticket number with one of the 1,794 "small" prices (pedreas) guarantees a pre-Christmas gift of up to 1,000 euros. In addition, over 10,000 extra prizes will be raffled between 40,000 and 200 euros. A total of over 2.3 billion euros will be distributed to the lottery players.

We keep our fingers crossed!