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Guitar Festival Córdoba: 30th June to 9th of July 2017

Every year in July the guitar festival takes place in Córdoba. It is an experience of a very special kind not only for music lovers, but the latter should not be missed in any case. The festival is divided into two areas: The courses in guitar construction, classical, contemporary, ...

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Carrera y Carrera: Transports the Spanish heat inimitable

Not only the Spanish royal family knows that the energy of a Carrera Y Carrera jewelery symbolizes the temperament of its wearer. Private owners and museums collect equally the products of the jeweler's company, which despite its old age of 128 years has its own style, which could hardly be more...

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The Fiesta de San Juan: Summer holiday celebration

The Fiesta de San Juan (summer holiday celebration) is celebrated throughout Spain with a lot of tradition. It takes place in the night from the 23rd of June to the 24th of June, since the 24th of June is the St. John's Day. Depending on the village, there are different customs in Andalus...

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Anniversary: The 70th Film Festival in Cannes

The film festival in Cannes is celebrating its 2017 anniversary: ​​the Golden Palm will be presented for the seventh time. Red carpet in Cannes: The International Cannes Film Festival on the Côte d'Azur is one of the great joys of the month of May for all Kinobegeisterte as well as fan...

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The Zaranda Restaurant in Mallorca: Sophisticated and luxurious

The Zaranda originally opened in 2005 in the traditional neighborhood of San Bernardino in Madrid and already received a Michelin star a year later. Chefkoch Fernando Pérez Arellano moved with his restaurant to Mallorca, where he established the Zaranda in the 5-star Landhotel Castell Son Cla...

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Crocodile park in Torremolinos - Andalusia

Eye to eye with the fascinating reptiles from prehistoric times The crocodile park Torremolinos is a special tourist attraction in the Spanish region of Andalusia, which you should pay a visit. The fascinating Panzerschsen can be seen in Europe only in zoos and animal parks. The crocodiles...

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